A Guide for Pet Parents: Can The Dogs Get The Depression?

A Guide for Pet Parents: Can The Dogs Get The Depression?

It is well known that with the increased pace of life and stress around the world, depression has become a common mental illness in human beings, but this illness not only occurs in human beings but also the dogs. However, the furry friend can not put into words what is he suffering. Therefore, as a competent pet parent, you ought to have a basic understanding of dog depression in advance.

Type Symptoms Of Dog Depression

Sleeping a lot

While you’ll find out that most dogs do love to sleep. This is caused by you being away at work, and the pooch has nothing to do but sleep to pass the alone time. But it is abnormal if your pooch still prefers to hide in a corner or stay in one place for a long time even if you come home, rather than wagging its tail excitedly to greet you or respond to you positively.

Eating less and drinking less water

People who suffer from depression will lose their appetite for food. This symptom can also be reflected in depressed dogs. If your dog is reluctant to eat or drink for a while, this might be a sign of illness. That’s when you need to be vigilant and try to find out the reason.

Excessive paw licking

It is commonplace for cat owners to see their cats licking their paws and to think of this behavior as their cats cleaning themselves. It is said that the cats will spend 30-50% of their day grooming themselves. But in the case of dogs, excessive paw licking indicates a red alert in the dog's health. Studies have shown that dogs, like humans, seek to soothe themselves in times of stress. Excessive paw licking may stem from physical or psychological problems, and the behavior may be a self-soothing response to pain.

Loss of interest in routine activities

For example, dogs are more willing to lie prone in certain places and corners and are less active and excited about going out for a walk. They don’t carry toys around like they used to do. What’s more, some depressed dogs will also change their temperament and turn aggressive.

The Main Course Of Dog Depression

Physical illness

Many health problems will cause dogs to suffer from mood loss and depression. It is necessary to visit the vet for a detailed examination.

Separation anxiety

Generally speaking, Separation anxiety is the dominant cause of depression in dogs. If the dog owner is often away from home on long business trips or rarely plays with them, the dogs are subject to mood changes easily.

Change in the environment

If you just move home or move to another city with your pooch. It is easy for your dog gets depressed when faced with unfamiliar surroundings and not seeing the doggy friends they used to play with.

Seasonal affective disorder

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression caused by seasonal changes, which affect both humans and animals. It usually starts in autumn and continues through winter. Therefore, some pet parents will call this period “winter blue”. During this time, most dogs will appear less energy, more lethargy, and sleepiness.

How To Prevent Or Release A Dog From Depression?

Go to the vet

If your dog has behavioral change, it is necessary to go to the veterinarian to check whether a physical illness exists, and seeks veterinary advice about if your dog needs to be medicated. In addition, your dog should be given a regular medical check-up. This is an effective way of avoiding major illnesses.

Arrange more bonding time

Offer more attention to your dog by arranging more bonding time. Such as fondling them more while chatting with them, playing interactive games, and reducing their alone time. Reward them when the dogs do some positive response. It may take some time to help the dog get rid of the blue, please be patient until they release the sign of pleasure.

Get more sunshine

Dogs are naturally close to nature. Bring them to breathe the fresh air and let them enjoy running wildly around the grass. You also can organize a picnic, camping, and hiking to add more exercise to your dog. Seeking an opportunity to increase their socialization during these activities.

Prepare some dog toys

Breaking up the boredom is a very important method to prevent dog depression. You can purchase some funny dog toys to help them to fight against boredom during their alone time. Some plush toys are good conducive to comforting dogs when they feel anxious or nervous. If you don't know what kind of dog toys can get a dog's favor, How To Pick The Toys For Your Pup will give you some tips.

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