Pallas Information Limited is a pet supplies company based in Hong Kong. BELLA & PAL™ is our brand for dog outdoor gears. We believe pets are family members. They share our life. They depend on us for food, safety, love, companion and enrichment. Our mission is to produce trendy, safe, comfortable and high-quality outdoor gears for our four-legged friends.

Our Product

Exceptional quality, yet affordable

Simple, aesthetically pleasing

These days, we tend to have more things around us than we need. Living a simpler life can focus our attention on what really matters.

At BELLA & PAL ™ we want to simplify your choices on dog outdoor gears purchase. Every product on this website is designed and created according to the specific breeds, sizes and occasions.

Though we're not big on trends, BELLA & PAL ™ always keep an eye on the global fashion trends. With the sense of style, we build aesthetically pleasing products for you and your furry pal.

Our Team

Our team is gathered with passionate and experienced members comes from product design, pet supply factory and digital marketing domains. Our mission is to produce trending, safe and comfortable gears for dogs outdoor activity.