Collar proved to be harm for dogs, it’s the time throw it away. BELLA & PAL focus on produce harness to make dogs walking more safe. Harness can disperse the pull stress to dogs chest rather than neck, which can help prevent choke, bone broken or trachea collapse. We use state-in-art soft textile and adjust different areas of the harness to balance the control ability and safe.


We almost remove all useless parts to make the this harness as simple as possible. Even the logo brand has been abandoned in our design. We choose the lightest parts like the buckle, the belt, to make dogs no burden.


New colors assemble! We carefully selected four colors for your dogs: Classic Black for low profile and cool, Rose Pink for passion and love, Urban Blue for calm and technical,  and Silver Grey for loyalty and mature. Pick a color match you and your dogs personality and go!

Environment Friendly

We always believe environment protection is very important. We try our best to reduce unnecessary materials or fancy package. All our products don't have any rubber brand tag , and manual or paper / plastic card in our package too. 


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